Stoked: Big Air Edition

Dominic Sacco

Stoked: Big Air Edition

As the latest release in the Stoked snowboarding franchise, Big Air Edition offers gamers an adrenaline thrill ride at an affordable price.

The game presents a simple but effective play style that lets gamers use both Xbox 360 analog sticks to control their snowboarding – no buttons required. Players can craft their own tricks and follow marked trails to reach special areas leading to huge stunt ramps.

There is a range of modes available including standard races which can be undertaken with up to seven other players online, or against computer-controlled riders.

Gamers can either race through gates or carve their own path through the snow to the bottom of each mountain.

Several pro snowboarders also make an appearance in Stoked including Travis Rice, Gigi Ruf and Nicolas Muller. These are joined by real extreme sport brands such as Billabong and Vans.

With five mountains from the original Stoked as well as two brand new levels, players have over 500 square miles of mountain to explore.

And if the snow gets too much, they can ditch the snowboard for a helicopter and fly it around the mountains in order to identify new custom routes.

Namco Bandai’s UK product manager Blaise Rodier tells MCV: “Stoked: Big Air Edition will be one of the most exciting snowboard games to be released on Xbox 360 and PC.”


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