Super Mario All-Stars

Dominic Sacco

Super Mario All-Stars

BEFORE MARIO was racing in karts, blasting off into space or riding on Yoshi, the sprightly plumber was a true 8-bit glory.

Super Mario All-Stars is both a celebration of Mario’s popularity and a history lesson for newer fans. It contains four classic games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System – Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and The Lost Levels (see ‘Best of the NES’).

Nintendo’s marketing assistant Roger Langford tells MCV: “Released in 1993, the original Super Mario All-Stars was well-received upon release and went to become a million-seller. In the UK the game was also bundled with the Super Nintendo and became many players’ first experience of SNES.”

As well as the games themselves, the Wii version of Super Mario All-Stars also comes bundled with a special booklet covering the entire history of Mario. There is even an audio CD in the box featuring music from his 25-year career, including tunes from the original Super Mario Bros right up to this year’s Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super sellers

The Super Mario Bros franchise has become the world’s best-selling video game series of all time with over 240m unit sales worldwide.

New Super Mario Bros on DS is now the largest-selling Mario title ever released in the UK. The title alone has sold over 2m copies since its release in June 2006, and has clocked up over 173 weeks in the All Formats Top 40 games chart so far.

Super Mario All-Star’s budget RRP will no doubt attract extra consumers to buy it this December. As one of the most acclaimed compilations ever, with the re-release being advertised heavily across specialist websites and Facebook, it is placed extremely well to be a Christmas sales success.


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