Super Street Fighter IV

James Batchelor

Super Street Fighter IV

Given the success of last year’s Street Fighter IV – both in terms of sales and critical acclaim – a sequel was inevitable.

Super Street Fighter IV follows in the tradition of previous Super, Turbo and Remix instalments in the franchise, creating a fresh experience for veteran fans of the series and newcomers.

However, Capcom is keen to stress that this isn’t merely an expansion of the previous game. Instead, the publisher has very high expectations for this upcoming release.

“We expect this to exceed sales of Street Fighter IV,” says Capcom’s head of UK marketing Stuart Turner. “It’s Street Fighter – the biggest fighting game franchise in the world.

“If you add in the new characters and moves, bonus stages, rebalanced game mechanics and new online modes – and all for a budget price – we’re confident that Super Street Fighter IV will stand up as the best pound-for-pound fighter on any console.”

When SSFIV was first announced, it was hit by some backlash from hardcore series fans that forked out for the original version last February.

In the months that have passed, Capcom has slowly but surely converted them with tempting screenshots and trailers, and is now confident that the franchise’s avid fanbase is on-board once more.

“There were a few dissenting voices but these same people now show genuine excitement as we’ve released more details,” says Turner.

“This isn’t just a slightly tweaked update but a brand new game – a quality proposition for those new to the series and offering real value to those that purchased the original Street Fighter IV last year.”

Key to the new offering is the new roster of fighters. While every Street Fighter IV brawler is once again present, Capcom has added ten fresh faces encompassing a mix of brand new creations and familiar fighters.

Previous Street Fighter characters such as T. Hawk, DeeJay, Guy, Cody and Adon make a welcome return.
Meanwhile, long-running fans will be interested in new blood such as the mysterious Juri – the first character in the series’ history to use the legendary Tae Kwon Do fighting style.

“Street Fighter characters are some of the most iconic characters in popular culture,” says Turner.

“Anyone that plays games has a favourite that they proudly call their own – a real case of the character being an extension of the person’s personality. We’re tapping into this as part of our wider campaign.”

Multiplayer has always been a major selling point for Street Fighter games, so Capcom has reworked and improved upon SFIV’s modes for its Super sequel.

Players can now engage in two vs two, three vs three or four vs four team elimination battles.

Alternatively, there is the new Endless Battle, boasting an arcade-style ‘winner stays on’ system.

Gamers can even chat to each other as they watch matches or recorded replays while waiting to fight.

“Super Street Fighter IV is the ultimate bragging game. It’s about getting one up against your friends, and with improved online options, we’re hopeful that this will take the title even further into the competitive sofa arena.”

Finally, the game marks the return of the car-smashing and barrel-battering bonus stages from Street Fighter II.
With enough new content to appease SFIV fans and entice those who missed out on last year’s game, Super Street Fighter IV could be one of the biggest fighting games of the year.


Marketing proved to be key in the success of Street Fighter IV and while the brand is as prominent as ever, Capcom will be working hard to raise awareness of the Super edition’s arrival…

– Capcom will be running an extensive UK sampling campaign – with a twist. Rather than showcasing the game at traditional shopping centres, the publisher will be communicating directly with the Street Fighter fanbase to decide where SSFIV will be available.

– A full online campaign will see ads run on wide-reaching sites such as The Sun and FHM, as well as the usual specialist gaming portals.

– A TV campaign will see 30-second spots running around key shows that appeal to the series’ fanbase in the weeks surrounding SSFIV’s release.

– Trailers will also be in cinemas around the country before screenings of the highly anticipated Iron Man 2.

– A full range of POS will be available to retailers from Centresoft.


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