Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Dominic Sacco

Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is more than just a port – it’s an enhanced iteration of an already packed title designed to take advantage of everything the 3DS has to offer.

Everything found in the popular console version is available here, with enough extras to delight the most avid Street Fighter fans. Gamers pick from 35 playable characters and duke it out in a variety of action-packed tournaments and other modes.

“With such a legendary franchise going in 3D for the first time without the need for special glasses, we are hopeful that SSFIV 3D Edition will be the perfect accompaniment to the 3DS at launch,” says Nintendo’s marketing assistant Roger Langford.The platform holder is handling the game’s UK launch.

“SSFIV uses the same 2D fighting style and gameplay mechanics the series is renowned for, but incorporates multilateral 3D characters and environments to fully utilise the stunning visual capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.”

Key 3DS extras include the Figurine mode, which utilises the handheld’s StreetPass functionality. As consumers pass one another, their chosen figurines of Street Fighter characters automatically battle. When players next power up the game, they can see the results and collect the spoils of victory.

There are also a variety of online multiplayer modes. 3DS owners can battle over Wi-Fi, or play a local wireless game between two devices with only one cartridge. Gamers can even use their 3DS to observe other matches in Spectator mode.

In all game modes, a new over-the-shoulder camera option has been added to make even better use of the 3D visuals, and newcomers to the franchise can pull of some of the trickier, more deadly moves using a new mode that allows them to select an attack from the touch screen.

With Nintendo distributing Capcom’s first 3DS title, expect Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to pack a punch during the handheld’s launch.


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