Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Dominic Sacco

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Following Street Fighter’s striking comeback, Capcom has provided fans with a barrage of new content to prolong its success.

Street Fighter IV shot to the top of the GfK All Format Top 40 game chart in February 2009. It received positive reception from gamers and the press for its unique art style, classic characters and traditional fighting mechanics.

In 2010 the publisher released Super Street Fighter IV – with new characters and multiplayer modes – and a 3D edition arrived on 3DS earlier this year. The titles have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Now the new Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition boxed game approaches, promising to be the most complete Street Fighter IV yet. It contains four new characters: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu, as well as all the other characters, bringing the total roster up to a whopping 39.

“We’ve been a guiding light for the beat ‘em up genre for well over a decade,” says Capcom’s UK product and community manager Karl Reader.

“The tremendous success of Street Fighter IV has been our springboard to launch more great IP including Marvel vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom has made a long term commitment to the genre and expanding the size of our audience.

“For Arcade Edition we’ll be concentrating our marketing efforts on our core fans and community with several early access events.”

The biggest brawls

Users can take advantage of a range of tweaked online modes that the dedicated Street Fighter player will want to try out. Gameplay has also been refined to match that of the arcade version of the game.

The in-game Replay Channel has been upgraded and now allows players to follow up to five separate replays at once, making it easier for them to find their favourite piece of in-game action.

They can watch and learn from the pros in the new Elite Channel, as well as distribute their own replays to up to 50 players – ideal for those who want to show off a killer combo or finishing move.

Characters have been balanced to accurately emulate the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV, allowing players to learn the ropes without having to adapt to the arcades.

Arcade Edition promises to be the most complete Street Fighter game yet. And with its lower £29.99 price point, both long-term fans and newcomers to the series will be drawn to the new release.

MCM Expo

Capcom promoted the game at the London MCM Expo last weekend, where gamers had the chance to go hands-on with Arcade Edition in Europe for the first time.

Super download fighter

The extra content found in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will arrive on Xbox Live and PSN from June 7th. Users will need to own Super Street Fighter IV to download the DLC. It costs £14.99/1,200 MS Points.


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