Supreme Commander 2

James Batchelor

Supreme Commander 2

Make no mistake – Supreme Commander 2 is a big release for Square Enix.

The original PC game received a lot of coverage and praise in 2007, and was successful enough for it to be released on the Xbox 360 a year later.

Now Square Enix is releasing the sequel on PC and Xbox 360. Combined with the publisher’s other key game release in March, Final Fantasy XIII, it could be a particularly bumper month for the software giant.

Supreme Commander 2 is set 25 years after the original and features a variety of new enchancements, an in-depth campaign mode, online multiplayer and unique storyline with a range of new units.

Paul Benjamin, senior product manager for Square Enix says: “The original Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation before it are amongst Gas Powered Games’ greatest successes, and we anticipate this title to follow on that trend amongst the hardcore real time strategy gamers.

“We know we have a very hungry market waiting for this next installment and we anticipate good success.”
The game boasts massive battles, with players able to create their own customisable armies and experimental war machines to change the balance of power. These include the Cybranasaurus Rex, a giant mechanical beast.

Gamers can also assume the role of one of three commanders, each representing a separate faction with its own story. Square Enix claims this “brings a new level of emotional connection to the RTS genre.”


“The RTS community is very excited about the release as it has received a great response across the gaming press and websites,” adds Benjamin.

Eurogamer states “Supreme Commander 2 will be as essential as ever for RTS fans,” and Total PC Gaming says the game is “an excellent, deep and engaging RTS”.
As MCV was going to press, more than ten reviews for the game had been posted on aggregator website Metacritic – all positive.

This good feedback combined with Square Enix’s advertising campaign has seen pre-orders jump over the past few weeks, with more interest on the way.

Benjamin says: “We feel that with more reviews over the coming weeks and the campaign really starting to ramp up, Supreme Commander 2 will have a successful launch.”

Square Enix is targeting its advertising at hardcore RTS gamers through specialist print magazines and websites.
A ‘tease and reveal’ campaign is running for three months in all major PC and Xbox 360 publications and online destinations.

The web marketing includes high-impact activity, expandable microsite and video MPUs, as well as channel skins across Gamespot, Eurogamer, IGN and more.
Benjamin also stresses the fact that advertising for Supreme Commander 2 will reach social media destinations and non-specialist magazines.

“We also have some genre-targeted activity with Facebook and Google, as well as some wider activity with Sci-fi and movie sites such as”


Developer Gas Powered Games has produced a collection of RTS titles, including the original Supreme Commander. It was founded in 1998 by acclaimed game designer Chris Taylor.

Benjamin says: “No other RTS developer puts so much love and attention into their products. Chris Taylor lives and breathes every unit and every possible tactic in the game making for a polished, entertaining but taxing RTS experience.

“He has great heritage within the genre, creating consistently great and memorable RTS experiences, and Supreme Commander 2 is yet another title amongst his quality portfolio.

“Come on, what other game gives you a Cybranasaurus Rex?”

Gas Powered Games’ past titles include Dungeon Siege I and II, the original Supreme Commander and last year’s Demigod.


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