Take on Helicopters

Release date December 2nd 2011 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Just Flight Distributor Mastertronic
Developer - Contact 0845 234 4242
Dominic Sacco

Take on Helicopters

UNLIKE the many flight sims that came before it, Take on Helicopters actually has a plot.

The PC sim from Mastertronic’s Just Flight label presents players with a more story-driven take on the genre. Users take control of Joe and Tom, two brothers who gain their father’s aviation business after he passes away. Together they have to take on contracts and competitors to dominate the skies.

It’s a refreshing take on a genre typically known just for its incredible attention to detail and realistic missions, and one that presents retailers with a fresh selling point.

Take on Helicopters features two huge in-game environments totalling almost 200 square kilometres in size – Seattle and South Asia. As well as its career mode, free flight sessions, time trials and challenges, the game includes a level editor that lets players design maps, download others and even make their own custom missions.

Buyers can pilot a variety of detailed helicopters and take part in a slew of co-operative and competitive multiplayer scenarios. With helicopters in place of planes, users will also have the challenge of mastering rotor-wing flight.

“From the very first day we saw Take on Helicopters previewed in its alpha state at E3 we knew we simply had to publish it in the UK,” says Just Flight’s Alex Ford.

“The team at Bohemia are true professionals and the quality of the game is second to none. We’ve already had a huge amount of positive feedback from the European press and we’re looking forward to this being our flagship title throughout 2012.”


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