Tales of Graces F

Release date August 31st 2012 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Namco Bandai Partners UK Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Lauren Wainwright

Tales of Graces F

It’s taken a while for Tales of Graces F to make its way to eager fans in Europe. 

The RPG originally released for the Wii in Japan during 2009. After selling 113,000 copies at launch, fan demand convinced the publisher to repackage the game for the PS3 as Tales of Graces F. 

The PS3 version includes additional content and improved graphics. Released a year later, it sold over 200,000 copies in Japan during its first week. Two years later the game was localised and hit the US market. It will finally hit Europe at end of August. 

The game follows the traditional Japanese RPG template, with a world map, towns, lengthy story and hundreds of hours’ worth of content to explore. It even features an amnesiac girl with bright purple hair. 

Players join a whole host of  memorable characters as they grow up and explore the gorgeous anime-stylised world, and try to figure out the mysteries behind Sophie’s origin.

“We seem to be opening a lot of new JRPG fans’ eyes to the series”, says senior product manager Lauren Bradley. “The JRPG genre has hit a bit of a lull over the past year due to the lack of titles and quality, as such Tales of Graces F is coming out at a perfect time to capitalise on this.

“The Tales Of series is huge. The next title – which we’ve just announced for the West – Tales of Xillia, has recently sold 740,000 units in Japan on just PS3 and shows the massive potential for the future.”

The last two titles from the series, Vesperia and Abyss, both sold out in the UK with copies regularly hitting eBay for £80 to £100 each. 

Bradley adds: “We have only shipped moderate day one quantities in the past, something we will rectify for this release and going forward, as there is clearly a growing fanbase in the UK.

“Since the change in direction of Final Fantasy, we can see from comments online that many of the older fans of that series are now taking a keen interest in the Tales Of series, which opens the game to a potentially huge audience.”

Tales of Graces F will have a day one special edition, featuring additional content and special packaging at no extra cost. The special edition includes a presentation box, artbook, soundtrack, making of video and a DLC card.

Alongside the special edition, Namco will be running ad campaigns in anime publications MyM and Neo, on YouTube throughout August and the game will have a heavy presence at MCM Manchester and Japan Expo.  Namco is also working with Manga Entertainment to release the Tales of Vesperia First Strike movie this year.


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