Tales of Monkey Island

Dominic Sacco

Tales of Monkey Island

The iconic Monkey Island series is finally returning to UK shelves after more than a decade.

Published by Lace Mamba Global, the boxed version of Tales of Monkey Island brings the previous download-only series to UK retail for the first time.

In his ongoing battle with the evil undead pirate LeChuck, hapless pirate hero Guybrush Threepwood inadvertently frees his arch-enemy’s voodoo spirit.

Fearing a zombie outbreak, Guybrush has no choice but to clean up the mess in his typically slapstick fashion.

Holding true to its point-and-click origins, the new Monkey Island’s gameplay primarily revolves around puzzle solving.

Tales also honours the series’ comedy roots with a daft but twisting plot, excellent writing and fully voice-acted dialogue.

The popularity of the 2009 digital version makes the series ripe for a retail release.

Lace Mamba Global has also prepared a Collector’s Edition that features plenty of extras to keep fans happy.

“There’s a huge demand for a boxed release of the Tales of Monkey Island series, as proven by strong pre-orders and very positive feedback,” says Claas Wolter, head of PR and marketing.


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