Tales of Xillia: Retail Essentials

Tales of Xillia: Retail Essentials

MCV takes a look at Tales of Xillia, the latest title from Namco Bandai that lets players explore the world of Rieze Maxia.

We detail the game's features, whilst talking to Namco Bandai about the publisher's marketing plan for the title.

Tales of Xillia is released on August 9th.

-In Tales of Xillia, gamers choose to play as either medical student Jude Mathis or the mysterious Milla Maxwell and explore the world of Rieze Maxia, a place where spirits and humans live together.

-When an experiment creates a harmful power that threatens the existence of Rieze Maxia, the duo sets out to stop it before it destroys the world.

-For the first time in a Tales of game, the story unfolds from each character’s point of view, allowing players to experience events exclusive to Milla and Jude.

-The Linked Combat System allows two characters to team up in terms of attack, defence and support. Players can change party members thanks to back-up characters available during battle.

-While characters are linked, their cooperative ‘Linked Artes Gauge’ will fill up. Once the gauge is filled, characters can perform special attacks called ‘Linked Artes’.

-Animation in the game comes from Mutsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima whose past creations include other characters from the Tales of series.

Namco Bandai's marketing campaign will target fans of anime, manga, RPGs and the Tales of series.

Tales of Xillia appeared on the Namco Bandai stand at the MCM Comic Con and series producer Hideo Baba-San signed products and judged an on-stage Tales of fan competition.

The game can also be found at the Namco Bandai stand at Hyper Japan and the London Anime Con, both at the end of July.

In the press, ads for Tales of Xillia have appeared in the likes of MyM and NEO and a fan-centric online campaign will push awareness across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Namco Bandai is also working closely with Sony to feature the title in the PlayStation EU Blog and via PlayStation Access.

The Tales of community are extremely passionate, pro- active and highly motivated. We’re seeing very encouraging pre orders for our Day One Special Edition. Tales of Xillia is a landmark title for the Tales of series; it is a game that we have high expectations for. Our ambition is to replicate the series’ critical acclaim and commercial success in the West.




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