Dominic Sacco


Tangled is a big deal for Disney. Not only is it the company’s 50th animated feature film, it is also
the most expensive animated film ever made.

Such a momentous launch is inevitably brought home with an accompanying video game – in this case for Wii and DS.

The game follows the storyline of the film, which is based on the classic tale of Rapunzel.

Players take on the role of both the long-haired princess and the hero Flynn Rider as they cross the land to claim Rapunzel’s kingdom.

Co-operation is the order of the day here, with players switching between the two characters, using their unique abilities to solve devious puzzles.

Flynn, for example, can cut down bushes and other obstacles, while Rapunzel can let down her hair for him to climb up.

The film is shaping up to be Disney’s next box office smash, and the firm’s video games division is confident that its own release will fare well at retail.

“The quieter slate in January means that Tangled will have a greater voice, more awareness in the media and a greater share at retail,” says Disney product manager Jeff Suter.

“We are very confident of the success of both the game and the wider franchise.”

Disney is preparing a massive campaign to promote everything Tangled – from the film and accompanying game to merchandise such as books and toys.

Highlights include a month of print ads in Disney magazines and national press, a dual-phase TV campaign and a tour of the UK’s biggest shopping centres.


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