The Conduit

James Batchelor

The Conduit

During the Electronics Entertainment Expo in 2008, the games press managed to go hands-on with High Voltage’s promising new Wii first person shooter, The Conduit.

Journalists were instantly taken by the game’s impressive audio, stunning graphics, fluid gameplay and superb controls, built using High Voltage’s Quantum 3 Game Engine technology – and the acclaim quickly followed.

The game went on to receive various E3 awards. IGN gave it three accolades, including Best Wii Game, Best Wii Shooter and Best Graphics Technology on Wii. Meanwhile, Gametrailers called the title the best Wii game of E3 and Edge Online placed it in its Top 20 games of the show.

“From the outset when the title was seen at last year’s E3 there has been great anticipation and excitement for The Conduit, which is being delivered by High Voltage’s impressive proprietary engine Quantum 3,” explains senior product manager Ben Walker.

“We believe The Conduit is delivering one of the most rounded FPS experiences on the Wii and is a real gamer’s game and as such should perform strongly.”

Set in Washington DC, The Conduit takes gamers into a dark future where an alien invasion has rocked the country. A secret service agent called Mr. Ford must face off against an insect-like race with his arsenal of futuristic weaponry and a device called the ‘All-Seeing Eye,’ which adds a puzzle element to proceedings. However, not all is as it seems, with shady goings-on within the Government.

Gripping story aside, The Conduit’s strength lies in its technology. High Voltage has set about squeezing every last drop out of Nintendo’s Wii, with some incredible visuals. Yet just as important to the developer has been the game’s controls and multiplayer mode.

“The quality of the award winning graphics is among the best seen on the Wii, but High Voltage were conscious that an FPS lives or dies by its controls and multiplayer aspects, so set about delivering a highly customisable control system and a robust multiplayer mode,” continues Walker.

“Alongside an intriguing conspiracy-laced single player storyline, the multiplayer supports up to 12 players and Wii Speak. And with 13 different multiplayer modes to choose from, The Conduit really does give gamers a compelling first person shooter option on the Wii.”

High Voltage’s chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger adds: “First person shooter gamers want it all. They want precise controls, a fun single-player experience, a varied multiplayer offering, and yes they want high quality graphics. We understand this because we want these things ourselves.”

Being such a high profile title, Sega is planning a big online marketing push for The Conduit. The firm has booked homepage take-overs and channel activity across your typical gaming websites, with similar placements on fan sites. Meanwhile, at trade level, Sega is set to have a good presence in-store, with premium packaging and content, which includes a hints and tips guide and three in-game items.

Although mature and core games can be seen as a risky proposition on Wii, Sega’s recent success with House of the Dead has placed the publisher in a good position to launch another hit. And with Wii gamers starved of some quality core video games, The Conduit could be the answer to their prayers when the title hits shelves later this month,

Nofsinger concludes: “We have very high expectations of all of our games and The Conduit is no exception. We believe that gamers who play the title are going to appreciate all of the effort that our team has put into creating a truly remarkable gaming experience on Nintendo Wii.”


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