The First Templar

Dominic Sacco

The First Templar

The Medieval setting in games is has become increasingly popular, with titles such as Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed and lately The Sims Medieval performing well.

Kalypso Media is tapping into this demand with The First Templar, a third person action adventure RPG set during the 13th century.

The game places an emphasis on bloody battles and hand-to-hand combat, but is underpinned by an RPG mechanic. However, The First Templar’s unique selling point is undoubtedly its intuitive two-player mode.

Whether playing alone or with a friend online, gamers have to command both a French Templar and his lady companion who has been branded a heretic.

“There is a huge community of fans out there who love the third person action adventure genre and The First Templar has a lot to offer,” Kalypso’s head of PR and marketing Mark Allen tells MCV.

“There is a long standing fascination with the Templar Knights and the era in which the game is set in. After the success of games like Assassin’s Creed there is a whole new audience who can’t wait to get their hands on a game based in the same era and similar genre.”

To seek the Holy Grail

The storyline is based around the search for the Holy Grail. Huge historic environments have been authentically recreated, with a range of side missions to complete within each locale, too.

Gamers earn XP as they progress which can be used to increase strength, agility, health and more, as well as unlock new combat moves such as special sword attacks and finishing moves.

With these customisation options, fast-paced action gameplay and its medieval setting, The First Templar will certainly appeal to fantasy gamers when it hits stores.

Epic adventure

Special edition SKU

There will be a limited edition version of The First Templar available at release. This includes a downloadable bonus mission which complements the main story, a soundtrack and a double-sided poster.

Kalypso’s ad plan

Ads will be running in specialist PC and Xbox 360 publications, which will be followed by online spots across a variety of gaming websites. These include site reskins and takeovers going live around the game’s May release.


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