The King of Fighters XIII

Release date November 25th 2011 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Rising Star Games Ltd Distributor Mastertronic
Developer - Contact 0845 234 4242
Release date November 25th 2011 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Rising Star Games Ltd Distributor Mastertronic
Developer - Contact 0845 234 4242
Dominic Sacco

The King of Fighters XIII

The King of Fighters franchise is still one of the top choices for fighting game purists.

Originally developed for arcades 17 years ago by SNK Playmore, the series has stayed faithful to its roots ever since with plenty of new editions on arcades and consoles.

Rising Star Games is publishing the latest iteration on Xbox 360 and PS3, King of Fighters XIII, later this month. Not only has this new title introduced plenty of customisation options and modes, giving fans a real incentive to buy, but Rising Star is offering retailers a limited edition boxed version which includes a bunch of extra goodies (see ‘King of pre-orders’).

Fighting games are hot properties right now. The King of Fighters XIII?is one of many new brawlers on the way including Tekken X?Street Fighter and Soul Calibur V, but this has the bonus of hitting shelves before Christmas.

King of Fighters XIII has over 30 playable characters including the return of older favourites Mai Shiranui and K’. Once again players can take part in one-on-one or three-on-three battles.

Connecting blows

Online play has been upgraded over previous games with consumers able to improve their ranking on the leaderboards and play friendly bouts.

There are different endings for certain characters, giving gamers an incentive to run through the single-player mode multiple times. Plus, each character can be customised using 20 colour types and icons.

On top of this, The King of Fighters XIII boasts improved fighting mechanics, new super moves, faster gameplay and nine modes from arcade to story and more.The King of Fighters XIII?has all the components to be another classic brawler.

King of pre-orders

Rising Star Games is offering a special pre-order version of The King of Fighters XIII for retailers, which comes with a four-CD soundtrack, double-sided A3 poster, digital art disc and reversible sleeves.

Fighting festival

The King of Fighters XIII was promoted at the MCM Expo in London last month. Rising Star helped organise a character cosplay dress-up competition at the event for attendees and fans of the game.

Getting into character

Characters from The King of Fighters series have been given their own Twitter pages to drive interest in the game. Rising Star employees have been getting the characters to talk to one another and develop storylines.

Rising stars

Rising Star Games has established itself as the home of many a cult and successful niche Japanese video game series, including Harvest Moon and several side-scrolling shooter games by renowned developer Cave.


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