The Smurfs Dance Party

Dominic Sacco

The Smurfs Dance Party

For over 50 years the lovable Smurfs have been capturing the imagination of children worldwide.

From cartoons to comics, the iconic blue characters and their white clothes have certainly got around (see ‘Blue is the colour’). They’re even invading the real world in major 3D film The Smurfs this August, where the little creatures are chased out of their village into the urban jungle of New York.

Ubisoft is also getting in on the action. Following its success with dancing games such as the Just Dance series – which Ubisoft says well over 30m people have played – and last year’s Michael Jackson: The Experience, it’s now releasing The Smurfs Dance Party.

Not to be confused with Ubisoft’s other game based on the franchise (a DS title simply known as The Smurfs), Dance Party is a Wii dancing title that boasts over 20 child-friendly tunes and easy-to-perform dance routines.
The publisher has experience with this kind of product.

It released Dance Juniors in February – a kids’ version of Just Dance with multiplayer support and family-friendly pop hits such as ‘Mmm Bop’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’.


The Smurfs Dance Party features original movie-themed songs such as ‘Very Blue Moon’ and mixes these with popular licensed tunes such as ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Barbra Streisand’. But it really comes into its own with songs previously released on Smurfs CDs such as ‘Mr Smurftastic’, ‘Who Let The Smurfs Out’ and ‘We Like To Smurf It’ – all based on older dance classics.

Players can dance with the Smurf characters from the upcoming movie including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf and more all in-game.

Like Just Dance, The Smurfs Dance Party features dance moves choreographed by real experts, as well as a raft of multiplayer modes that Ubisoft says are designed for both kids and parents.

Scoring a huge licence like The Smurfs is one thing, but by combining it with such a successful dance game formula, Ubisoft is bound to attract plenty of kids, parents, Smurfs fans and casual gamers with Dance Party.

Blue is the colour

The Smurfs began life as a Belgian comic strip in 1958. They hit TV screens in the early ‘80s in the form of a cartoon and since then there have been music CDs, DVDs, toys, games and more based on the little blue people. Last year Capcom released Smurfs’ Village on iPhone, which has become one of the world’s top-grossing apps.

Track list

‘Walk This Way’
‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’
‘Blame it on the Boogie’
‘One of the Boys’
‘A Year Without Rain’
‘Like Whoa’
‘Barbra Streisand’
‘Just the Way You Are’
‘Who Let the Smurfs Out’
‘We Like to Smurf It’
‘Mr Smurftastic’
‘The Noisy Smurf’
‘The Lala Song’
‘Go Go Go Get It’
‘More Than a Name’
‘Very Blue Moon’
‘We Hav Us’
‘Everybody Up’
‘Welcome to NY’


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