The Treasures of Montezuma

James Batchelor

The Treasures of Montezuma

DS puzzler The Treasures Of Montezuma taps into the masses’ love for tile-matching puzzle games – an ever-popular, addictive genre.

Rather than putting players through a series of pre-set challenges, the game actually weaves a storyline between matches, depicting the tale of a global search for lost treasures.

Players assume the role of a young female graduate travelling through Mexico, circa 1935. The student is assisting Dr Emily Jones on her quest to recover a collection of priceless artworks.

Their adventure inevitably presents them with several puzzles that involve matching groups of three or more identical jewels and stones.

It’s the time-honoured gameplay that has made titles such as Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest so popular and is sure to resonate well with DS owners.

The object of each of the 41 levels, which are spread across five episodes, is to collect all of the jewels in the playing field within a certain time limit.

Gamers will need to be quick of hand and keen of eye to master each one, and various power-ups will give them an advantage as they play.

By combining four or more stones or buying bonuses between each level, players can multiply their growing score, increase the number of jewels on the screen or extend the time limit.

The whole game is presented in an atmospheric art-style that captures the essence of 1930s adventures, while still retaining the clear, accessible layout of popular casual games.

Finally, the affordable price tag makes it the perfect impulse buy for DS owners this summer.


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