Dominic Sacco


We've had Iron Man, Spider-Man and The X-Men – now Thor is the latest superhero to smash his way into UK cinemas and onto consoles.

Sega is bringing the hammer-wielding warrior to gamers to coincide with the launch of the movie. Players can control Thor in this third person action adventure, which will also be heavily promoted in ads for the film.

“Thor is set to be the first summer blockbuster of 2011 and will be supported by a worldwide marketing campaign generating huge international franchise awareness,” Sega’s senior product manager Anna Downing tells MCV.

“In the video game, players are given the opportunity to become immersed in the Thor universe, going beyond the movie and delving deeper into the Norse worlds.”

The Thor game boasts an original storyline overseen by respected comic book author Matt Fraction, as well as the voice and likeness of Thor film actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

Gamers can use hammer throws, elemental powers and melee combos to obliterate their foes including trolls, frost giants and other monsters.

Gameplay is not too dissimilar to hit hack ‘n’ slash titles such as Devil May Cry and God of War, opening Thor up to a dedicated group of action gamers.

There is also an upgrade system and bespoke features for the Wii and DS versions, providing fans with extra incentives to buy.

The title will also arrive on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld later this year.


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