Touchmaster 4: Connect

Dominic Sacco

Touchmaster 4: Connect

Mini-game collections are abundant on the DS, with the Touchmaster series among the best-selling franchises out there.

The handheld nature of the format makes such games ideal pick-up-and-play distractions for a long commute or a quiet evening in, and the lower price point compared to the industry’s more high-profile releases positions them as ideal impulse purchases.

Warner Bros’ Touchmaster 4: Connect introduces a brand new range of puzzles and challenges for DS owners to master.

Examples include maths teasers such as Boxdrop, where players must stack numbered boxes to achieve preset totals, to quiz games such as Tic Tac Trivia.

As usual, all games are controlled with the touch screen and stylus and have been developed to be as intuitive and accessible as possible – the hallmark of a strong DS title.

Get connected

The key selling point of Touchmaster 4 is that it’s the first DS and DSi game that allows players to share their high scores and achievements on Facebook and Twitter. No longer will gamers be left to celebrate their personal bests alone.

Players can even add their picture to their high scores and profile on the global leaderboards with the DSi camera. There are also new multiplayer modes, with a ‘system swap’ that allows two players to pass the DS between them.


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