Toukiden: The Age of Demons - Retail Essentials

Release date February 14th 2014 Price n/a
Format Vita
Publisher Tecmo Koei Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a

Toukiden: The Age of Demons - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at Tecmo Koei's RPG title, which makes the leap from Japan to the UK next month. 

Toukiden: The Age of Demons will be coming to stores on February 14th. 

Toukiden: The Age of Demons is an entirely new IP developed by the same team that created the Dynasty Warriors series – a brand that has an avid following and has sold 18m copies worldwide. Toukiden is also one of the few exclusive Vita titles coming to stores at the start of 2014.

Similar to Dynasty Warriors, Toukiden has over-the-top combat and is loosely based on feudal Japanese history and folklore. Over 200 characters inspired by fictional and historic Japanese figures feature in the game.

The title has thus far been a huge hit in Japan and is eagerly anticipated by a cult following in this country.

Toukiden is set in a world where Oni – demons– threaten to wipe out humanity. There are 50 of these monsters to take out, varying from tiny imps to beasts the size of buildings.

Players take on the role of a demon-hunting warrior known as a Slayer, who can wield weapons from six classes, including excessively large swords, bows metal gauntlets and other traditional Japanese weapons.

Through killing Oni players collect souls, which can be used to give the Slayer extra abilities. Fans can also upgrade their skills and loadout by collecting hidden items.

Players don’t have to fight alone – there are six non-playable characters who can accompany gamers, or consumers can play with up to three friends. In addition to multiplayer, demon hunters can upload their characters and have them play with their friends.

Tecmo Koei is focusing its attention online in promoting Toukiden, placing ads on forums and websites dedicated to the Vita, and anime.

This is in addition to the ‘significant’ social media promotion the title is receiving. The publisher is also placing adverts in special interest and trade magazines.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons is a truly beautiful game and we are very proud to have it in our roster. It revolves around a deep original storyline, enjoys an immersive battle system, player-favourite online co-op modes and character creation, and it is one of the strongest Vita titles for the first quarter of the year.

Looking at the massive success of this title in Japan – where sales have reached 500,000 copies – we believe that Toukiden will be our most successful Vita title to date.

I’m very excited about the character customisation and multitude of weapons and equipment variations, over 50 different types of Oni to defeat, extensive length of the game and the four player co-op – including all the exciting network elements such as uploading your character and playing with a friend’s character.


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