Tour De France 2011

Dominic Sacco

Tour De France 2011

Not everyone wants to race a 200mph supercar in a video game.

For some, a more tranquil – and lengthier – bicycle ride is their cup of tea. And for those gamers Focus Home Interactive has the perfect product – Pro Cycling Manager 2011 on PC and Tour De France 2011 on Xbox 360 and PS3. Ubisoft is responsible for distribution.

These titles are the latest in the Focus’ line of official video games based on the annual 2,200-mile bike ride across France, which kicks off on July 2nd this year. And developer Cyanide has worked on a number of areas to ensure the latest game is the best yet.

The 3D bike rider models are now a true reflection of their real life counterparts, claims Focus, with their height, weight and looks accurately replicated in high definition. A wider variety of bike frames are also available for the gamer to choose from.

Hundreds of riders can race on-screen at once, with the AI presenting unpredictable race behaviour such as sprints and overtaking. The landscapes and crowds are impressively captured in-game, too.

Bike hero

Players can take a team to glory or create their own, as well as design their own race courses.

There’s an online multiplayer mode that allows 20 players to race each other online or using a LAN connection.

It may be one for purists, but with its top graphics and accurate realism, Tour De France 2011 presents a sim experience that does the annual bike race proud.


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