Trainz Railway Simulator - The Collector's Edition

Release date September 23rd 2011 Price £10.20
Format PC
Publisher Focus Multimedia Ltd Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Dominic Sacco

Trainz Railway Simulator - The Collector's Edition

After making its iPad and Android debut earlier in the year, the Trainz franchise returns to PC with Trainz Railway Simulator – The Collector’s Edition.

It boasts 21 new routes alongside the complete collection of Trainz Routes, 480 locomotives and rolling stock as well as a realistic new control system.

Fans of this simulator franchise will experience the most engaging version in the series so far, as those with a Track IR camera device are able to change a viewpoint simply by moving their head. 

Cabin fever

Players can also experience life on the tracks without neccessarily using a keyboard thanks to the Cab Control HUB, an interface that allows users to control the train by manipulating and clicking a range of on-screen levers. These replace the need to use keyboard hotkeys all the time.

The Collector’s Edition provides fans with a range of realistic services to get to grips with ranging from long haul freight services to speedier passenger trains, with players having to couple and decouple wagons, issue orders to drivers as well as shift them between different trains. Gamers can also build up their own passenger timetables.

Fans can take control of 480 rolling stock and locomotives including classes 37, 50 and 55 as well as the Flying Scotsman and Mallard steam locomotives. As well as creating original routes from up to 7,500 scenery items, players can travel across 21 routes including the hills and rivers of Slapton to Bolton Abbey. There is also a fictional depiction of the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, the countryside of Chalkdale and more. 

With this range of trains and tracks available for players to get to grips with and new additions to the control system, Trainz Railway Simulator – The Collector’s Edition looks to bring consumers the most realistic Trainz title to date.

Collectors’ bonuses

Claiming to be the ultimate version of Trainz Railway Simulator, this special edition features the full Trainz game, all four volumes of Trainz Routes as well as 21 all-new track journeys.

A?brief history of Trainz

Trainz Railway Simulator was released at retail by Focus Multimedia in September 2007. The series has been in development at Auran since 2001, with a range of titles released to date.


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