Tron Evolution

James Batchelor

Tron Evolution

The original 1982 movie has become something of a cult classic but apart from a PC game sequel in 2003, fans have been left wanting in their demands for more Tron.

Their wishes are about to be doubly fulfilled this Christmas with the film’s true successor Tron: Legacy and its video game companion Tron: Evolution.

The game invites players to explore both the world of Tron and the events that lead up to the upcoming Legacy. Fans get to take part in an epic battle against an evil dictator’s army, a string of events that will add depth to the film.

Players take on the role of a program developed by the original film’s protagonist Kevin Flynn. They wander the world using parkour techniques and battle enemies generated by a computer virus.

The combat combines freerunning with martial arts and the series’ trusty frisbee. There will also be lightcycle racing – further proof that Evolution features everything a Tron fan could want.

Gamers can even move seamlessly from offline to online multiplayer, where they can take on up to nine others. Both modes will help them develop their character, giving them a stronger presence in Tron’s world.

The PS3 edition will be of particular interest to consumers. Not only does it feature Move compatability, it can also be played in full 3D on a 3D-ready TV.

Disney’s UK marketing manager Steve Woodward says: “We strongly believe that the uniqueness of Tron as a property, and the overall level of support and cross company activity from Disney as a whole, will elevate the game.”

Tron’s return to cinemas is a highly-anticipated event for sci-fi fans, and the arrival of Evolution is sure to cause an equal amount of excitement this month.


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