Tropico 4

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Tropico 4

The Tropico franchise has earned a loyal following since the first title was released ten years ago.

But times are changing, and Tropico 4 makes sure players have a host of new issues to face as they once again step into the shoes of island dictator El Presidente.

The new Xbox 360 and PC game features 20 new types of buildings that can shape the island’s future with 20 missions over ten maps. Some islands are up to four times the size of those in Tropico 3.

“Tropico has been a very successful brand since its release back in 2001 and has a huge fanbase across the world,” says head of PR and marketing at Kalypso Media Mark Allen.

Adolf Twittler

Interestingly, the PC version of the Tropico 4 will bring social networking to the player’s tropical paradise thanks to Facebook and Twitter intergration. Dictators can now post tweets direct from the game and screenshots of their work on the Tropico 4 Facebook page. 

Like previous instalments, players can get a range of controversial policies passed by electing certain ministers into positions of power. They can build or destroy the economy depending on their use of import and export business.

Alongside threats from hostile countries and ongoing issues at home, gamers will face a bigger enemy in the form of Mother Nature. A plethora of natural disasters can occur including droughts, tornadoes, oil spillages, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves that batter the island shores.

Kalypso will put the game on the map via adverts in gaming print publications, alongside a series of online pre-order ads and activity across and PC Gamer during release week.


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