Turtle Beach headsets

Dominic Sacco

Turtle Beach headsets

Ear Force DPX21
£129.99 (360, PS3)

This headset features built-in Dolby 7.1 surround sound for greater sound quality.

Compatible with both the Xbox 360 and PS3, it comes with a digital optical cable that allows users to experience 3D audio that echoes around them.

An integrated amplifier gives players control over game and chat volumes, while a variable bass boost adds sub-woofer realism to in-game noises. The DPX21 also includes an analog input that can connect the device to a standard TV, iPod, MP3 player and more.

The headset connects to consoles and other music devices via USB. Like other Turtle Beach products, it features a quality microphone and chat boost functionality. This automatically increases the online chat volume while the user is gaming, so communication from their teammates isn’t drowned out.

As the game audio gets louder, the speech volume is automatically increased so the user can still hear what everyone is saying. As the in-game volume decreases, so does the chat sound level.

DSS 7.1 Sound Processor
£74.99 (360, PS3, PC)

The DSS 7.1 Sound Processor is a little device that provides bigger in-game sound quality.

It works by acting as a bridge between one Turtle Beach headset and either the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 console in order to add Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound.

This unit is ideal for consumers who already own an existing Turtle Beach accessory and do not want to buy a new one. It is compatible with all existing Ear Force headsets.

The DSS has variable bass boost control for an in-ear sub-woofer effect and features a variety of connections. It comes with a USB and digital input, as well as a USB and stereo headset out port.

Users can alter both the in-ear and analog input volume from the DSS device.

As it’s powered by USB, the DSS doesn’t require an adaptor, meaning there are no unnecessary cables.
This device also comes built-in to both the new DX11 and DPX21 Turtle Beach peripherals for consoles.

Ear Force Z2
£49.99 (PC)

Lygo describes the Ear Force Z2 PC headset as “the ultimate in comfort and quality for professional game sound”.

It features oversized fabric mesh cushions that surround the user’s ears in order to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions.

Its 50mm speakers provide deep bass and quality treble sounds, while the ear cups can rotate and turn flat if the user decides to take them off for a break.

The Z2 works with the headphone and microphone jacks on any desktop PC or laptop. It comes with an in-line volume controller allowing the user to quickly change the sound levels.

It is also compatible with a ‘Talkback’ cable that can be connected to an Xbox 360 controller.

The high-sensitivity microphone has a flexible pickup that can be adjusted to suit the gamer. The headset also comes with a ten foot cable that can be tied up with velcro to avoid getting tangled.

As a premium PC headset this will no doubt appeal to the more dedicated PC gamer.


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