Undead Knights

James Batchelor

Undead Knights

Zombies are one of the most popular enemies in gaming and Undead Knights allows players to find out why.
This title puts gamers in the role of a zombie soldier capable of turning any creature – from local wildlife to enemy troops – into his undead minions.

These walking corpses can then be used to attack the living, form stepping stones and platforms, set off booby traps or serve as catapult ammunition.

“We hope that gamers, retailers and PSP fans engage with Undead Knights because it’s not what you’d expect,” says PR manager Ben Lawrence.

“It’s not ‘just Dynasty Warriors with zombies’ – it’s more akin to Lemmings and Pikmin.”

Tecmo Koei believes online marketing will be the best way to engage with Undead Knights’ target audience and has set up a dedicated website. In print, there will be reviews in key gaming and men’s lifestyle publications.

Undead Knights was also one of the key sponsors of a zombie world record attempt held during The Big Chill Festival, with T-shirts and flyers available to the public.

“We suspect that Undead Knights might well have a word of mouth appeal to it so we expect sales to start well and stay at a healthy level for a long time,”         adds Lawrence.


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