Wacky World Of Sports

James Batchelor

Wacky World Of Sports

Bundling the original Wii Sports in with Nintendo’s best-selling console created an insatiable appetite for collections of sports-based mini-games among Wii owners. As the chart-topping sequel has proved, consumers are still willing to dip into their disposable income for such antics.

In the three-and-a-bit years between Sports and Resort, there have been so many compilations that every sport imaginable is now playable in some form on the Wii. Or so you would think – until you read the list of events in Sega’s upcoming Wacky World Of Sports.

The publisher, working with developer Tabot, has sought out the most obscure and unorthodox – but, crucially, genuine – sports from around the world. The challenges on offer range from golfing on the ice or racing to trim the most grass on lawnmowers, to the quirky but charming, such as tossing a large tuna hammer throw-style or rolling cheese. There are even completely insane sports, such as extreme ironing – trying to iron as many shirts as possible while skydiving at 1,000 feet.

“Wacky World Of Sports brings you a collection of hilarious mini-games based on real-life events – a far cry from golfing, tennis, swimming or hockey,” says Sega’s product marketing assistant, Kate Billingham. “It’s a fun-packed journey around the world’s wackiest sports, giving you and friends the chance to try your hand at mud-sliding, ice golf and lawnmower racing.

“With a collection of ten over-the-top mini-games, you can choose from a variety of unique characters and compete in either single-player tour mode, or go head-to-head with friends and family in four-person multiplayer. Plus there are advanced stages for the champions amongst you.”

The ten activities have a lot of variety and combine a range of gameplay styles. From the calmer experience of ice golfing and cheese rolling, dependent on aim and precision, to the likes of furniture racing, which taps into more traditional racing skills. It even features some cerebral gameplay in the form of card boxing, where players must win a card game in order to earn the chance to hit their opponent.

Naturally, the game makes full use of the Wii Remote’s unique contol system with each event seeing players recreate the relevant gestures, whether it’s swinging the remote around for tuna tossing or sliding it back and forth for extreme ironing.

Wacky World Of Sports has been developed with its own visual style rather than aping the design of Nintendo’s Mii characters. Over a dozen eccentric characters are playable, with more to be unlocked as players progress.
Aside from the competitive multiplayer, the main attraction will be the World Tour mode. Here, single players can work their way through events, honing their skills and defeating a range of tough opponents to become the champion athlete.

The success of both the genre and Sega’s past titles, such as the multi-million selling Mario & Sonic, ensures that this will be a quality release, and launching at the start of the busy Q4 system gives it plenty of time to rack up sales in the run-up to Christmas.

“The multi-sport party game genre has proven a big hit on the Wii,” says Billingham. “We expect fans of the genre to flock to their Wii remotes and start cheese rolling.”


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