Warriors: Legends of Troy

Dominic Sacco

Warriors: Legends of Troy

TECMO KOEI is taking a historical turn with Warriors: Legends of Troy by sending gamers into the savage battlefields of the Trojan War.

It’s a new twist for the publisher’s most successful franchise – the Dynasty Warriors series.

Taking inspiration from Homer's 3,000-year-old poem The Illiad, Legends of Troy gives players the chance to step into the blood-stained sandals of eight legendary warriors from both sides of the battle including Achilles, Agamemnon and Hector.

Legends of Troy is part of a new drive from Tecmo Koei to appeal to gamers in the West. Developed by Tecmo Koei Canada, the game no longer consists of just hacking and slashing – a minor criticism of past Dynasty Warriors titles.

“The development team in Canada has put a great amount of effort into accurately modelling the clash of sword on shield so defence strategies become very important,” Tecmo Koei’s VP of sales and marketing Will Curley tells MCV.

“There are a vast array of combos, ranged attacks, finishing moves, blocks and parries to master.

“The Dynasty Warriors series has always been a million-seller in Japan but has been steadily growing in the UK and Europe over the past few years. It’s a profitable franchise which is widely distributed at retail.”

Following the success of films such as Troy and 300, Greek slaughter has never been more in demand.

Legends of Troy builds on this by allowing players to master brutal attacks including throat slitting, spine severing and firing arrows into enemies’ hearts.

As the kill count rises, a meter fills until it triggers Fury mode, which slows down time and makes attacks deadlier.

Choose your destiny

After selecting either the Greeks or the Trojans, players can choose weaponry ranging from swords to throwing knives and javelins.

If an opponent’s weapon looks more appealing, players can steal it and use it temporarily. Even corpses can be thrown.

Rather than simply slashing their way through enemies, gamers have to master blocks, counter attacks and finishing moves. This becomes especially significant in boss encounters including the living Statue of Apollo and the Cyclops.

Players can experience dynamic battlefields complete with enemy troops, allies and even sparring civilians. Due to the size of the maps, players can select different modes of attack such as aggressive approaches or stealthy assaults.


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