We Sing

James Batchelor

We Sing

MUSIC GAMES that provide social experiences have become celebrated money spinners for first
party publishers.

Sony’s SingStar has blossomed on PS3, while last year saw Microsoft take its own wedge of the ‘party pound’ at Christmas with Lips.

On Nintendo platforms, however, it’s been third party publishers that have made the most impact on the genre.

Now Nordic Games Publishing is looking for its own slice of this lucrative sector with We Sing.

And this is no ‘me-too-without-the-licences’ shelf clogger. With the rights to music back catalogues form the likes of Universal, fans of Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen won’t be disappointed.

Nik Blower, Nordic Games’ sales and marketing director, explains: “Enormous effort has gone into not making We
Sing just another family or casual title for the Wii.

“We Sing is a full-production game built using a cutting-edge engine with fully licensed music and video. We Sing’s primary focus has always been the most important aspect of a game like this – social interaction and fun.”

We Sing features 30 hit music videos, solo, party and karaoke modes. The user interface is simple and easy-to-use, and there’s the addition of a playlist feature which should mean less time spent in menus for consumers.

The game comes complete with two Logitech microphones and a USB hub, and Nordic Games believes that the game’s crowning glory is that it allows four players to sing at once.

The publisher is planning to market We Sing in female lifestyle, teen and kids publications leading up to the game’s launch. There will also be a TV campaign running on terrestrial and satellite channels.

“We Sing has quietly crept up on retail,” adds Blower. “We believe in telling people what we have as opposed to what we might have. Before the middle of August it hadn’t been on anyone’s radar but now its release is closing fast. Nordic Games believes that We Sing will be a big success and retailers should be prepared for a high and fast turnover of stock.”

Nordic Games is hopeful We Sing will become ‘SingStar for Wii’. What’s more there are already new versions of the game in development for next year.

“For too long gamers have had nothing but sequels of the best-selling singing franchises, but of course not for the Wii,” comments Blower. “You could say we had high hopes for the title. However, following the initial announcement of We Sing and the incredible reception the product recently received at Gamescom I’d say that our expectation of the title has gone from high to stratospheric.”


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