Wii Fit Plus

James Batchelor

Wii Fit Plus

One of the publishing mega-hits of the last few years is about to go for the burn with Wii Fit Plus. The original Wii Fit attracted millions of new consumers to gaming with a blend of exercise, fun and interactivity.

The new enhanced version, Wii Fit Plus, offers a range of new features, exercises and games to create a whole new workout and revitalise regimes. As well as the original activities, there are 15 new balance games and six new strength training and yoga exercises.

Users can personalise their activity far more than before. They can input the amount of time they want to spend on each session and highlight an area they particularly want to improve. Wii Fit Plus will then come up with the perfect programme.

For the first time, gamers can also mix and match strength and yoga activities in Wii Fit Plus. The seamless flow between these disciplines makes it much easier to maintain their routines and reach their goals.

New activities include obstacle courses, powering across a beach on a Segway or flapping their arms like demented chickens. Yes, it’s silly, but it doesn’t half work.

The increased variety of exercises, coupled with the options to customise, mean players really enjoy their workouts and come back day after day, resulting in real improvements which, again, encourage them to keep at it.

The Wii Fit Plus campaign will target key audiences, and give them the information they require about the new and existing features.

However, the campaign will have two very separate creative directions.

“We see there being two key audiences for Wii Fit Plus when it launches in October,” says product manager Zoe Cooper.

“We will be kicking off the campaign by targeting the current group of Wii Fit owners, encouraging them to purchase the solus disc and upgrade their current Wii Fit workout.

“Our secondary campaign will be to look for new Wii Fit Plus users. We think there is still a huge potential audience for the Wii Fit Plus bundle. This unique piece of software really allows us to speak to a non-gaming audience and introduce them to the benefits of Wii and Wii Fit Plus.”

A TV campaign specifically targeting Wii Fit owners will start on October 12th and build up to the launch. The ads will educate Wii Fit owners about all the new features available in Wii Fit Plus, while a Wii Fit solus campaign will run through until mid-November.

Further TV sports directly targeting an older female audience will see Ant and Dec visit a Weight Watchers meeting, to find out what real women love about their Wii Fit and introduce them to the all-new features of Wii Fit Plus.

The testimonial creative will hit TV screens from November 9th.

The print campaign will see advertorials appear in titles such as Bella, Good Housekeeping and Yours, while a POS campaign will raise awareness of Wii Fit Plus and its new features in stores during the run up to Christmas. Wii Fit Plus will also be part of the Nintendo sampling tour.

“Wii Fit Plus is a key release for Nintendo this Christmas and as such it will benefit from a high level of marketing activity,” says Cooper.

“We are expecting good things from the launch of Wii Fit Plus. We have managed to achieve incredible sales with the original release and with such a great installed base we would hope that they are all looking for the next step in their workout.”


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