Wii Fit U - Retail Essentials

Release date December 13th 2013 Price n/a
Format Wii U
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Wii Fit U - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at the next-generation of Wii Fit, and the interesting new accessories player need to play the game. 

Wii Fit U hits stores on December 13th. 

Wii?Fit was one of Nintendo’s biggest Wii titles shifting a massive 23m units as well as countless consoles.

This time around there are 77 exercises available to fans. Many activities are old favourites that require use of the original Wii Fit’s Balance Board.

There are 19 new exercises that make use of both the Gamepad and the Balance Board – these include hip-hop and salsa dance routines.

There are also stranger activities such as Dessert Course where gamers playing as a waiter or waitress must balance piles of sweet treats while delivering them to waiting diners.

The biggest new addition is the Fit Meter. This gadget acts as a pedometer that takes into account the intensity of user’s walking as well as the altitude and elevation. Users are rewarded for making uphill climbs.

The Fit Meter also keeps a record of calories burned – all of this data is wirelessly synced with the Wii U Gamepad.

Owners of Wii Fit Plus can transfer all their saved data to Wii Fit U so they can just pick up where they left off.

Users also have access to the Miiverse Gym community where they can support and motivate each other and share tips with other fitness fans. Gamers can make their own closed communities of their friends or join gyms created by Nintendo.

Though not strictly a part of Wii?Fit U, Nintendo is teaming up with Google for Wii Street U. This is a free download that allows gamers to walk through real life locations on the Balance Board thanks to Google Maps’ Street View.

Wii Fit came out in 2008 and proved to be a huge system seller for Nintendo’s Wii as the title spoke to the family market. It contained 40 activities including yoga, strength training and balance and aerobic exercises.

The original title sold an impressive 23m units and the series has gone on to sell 43m units globally.

The franchise requires a Balance Board – a gadget that measures the user’s balance and weight. Nintendo originally got in touch with bathroom scale manufacterers to make it, but ultimately developed it in-house to cut costs.

Due to the first game’s massive success, a follow up – Wii Fit Plus – hit stores in 2009, adding 15 exercises. It sold an impressive 22m units.

Wii Fit U comes alongside a plethora of peripherals that are required to play the game. Many of these came with the original Wii Fit but are still needed for the Wii U version, namely the Balance Board.

The Fit Meter is required to play the game upgrading the demo edition of the title to the full version. These come in a variety of colours, including green, red and black.

There are also bundles which combine the Fit Meter, Balance Board and game all in one box which will be ideal for retailers targeting first time Wii Fit buyers.

The Wii Fit series has sold over a 43m units worldwide to date and has successfully supported millions of people with their health and fitness activities and goals.Wii Fit U expands on this concept with a range of 77 exercises and interactive activities including dance routines.

The January fitness boom following the indulgent Christmas weeks is the perfect time for retailers to be able to offer customers a fun way to get fit with exciting new features with the next installment in the Wii Fit series.

The Fit Meter is an interesting concept and it really works – we have half the office walking around with them and comparing fitness compatibility with each other. Not that they’re competitive.

The second brand new concept is the Miiverse integration. As well as the standard dedicated Miiverse community, you can join and create virtual gyms. Join already created gyms started by Nintendo or other users. Or start one yourself – share your goal and share the Gym ID with friends to let them join for motivation, social exercise and fitness support.

Nintendo released a free demo of Wii Fit U via its eShop on November 1st and has been focusing its marketing on getting fitness fans to download the trial. It has also has put energy into informing gamers how to unlock the full version of the game with the Fit Meter peripheral.

Going into the New Year, the publisher will be expanding its marketing to tie in with all those New Year fitness resolutions. Activities will include social media content and online video.


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