Wii Party

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Wii Party

Wii Party offers more than 80 mini games, 13 different game modes, and takes advantage of the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii to deliver an enjoyable new experience.

The result is a party title that is not only incredibly easy to pick up and play, but one that delivers instant fun for up to four players at the same time. It’s already topped the games charts in Japan, selling over half a million copies in its first month, and now it’s heading to the UK on October 8th.

Following in the footsteps of previous smash-hit casual games including Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit, Wii Party focuses more on traditional mini-games.

“Wii Party is a first party Nintendo title and therefore offers amazing quality and an enjoyable experience that’s new and out of this world,” says Nintendo’s marketing assistant Vanisha Kavia.

“Hopefully this title will prove to be the best party game ever and create unforgettable moments for families across the globe.”

The difference here is that users can select and control unique Mii characters of themselves and their relatives for an even more competitive and exciting game. In fact, it’s the only party game that offers exclusive use of players’ loveable Mii characters.

Of the 80 mini-games, there are a wide variety of experiences for users to sink their teeth into, from races to team-based challenges, and time trials to sport games.

The action away from the TV screen is brought to life like never before in Wii Party, as its innovative House Party mode turns the living room into an integral part of the gameplay. Its unique mini-games include Hide ‘n’ Hunt, where one player hides the Wii Remote somewhere in the room and everyone else waits outside.

Whoever finds the remote first is declared winner. Animal Tracker plays various sounds of animals out of each remote, and users are rewarded for picking the controller playing noises from the correct on-screen animal.

In contrast, Time Bomb is Nintendo’s take on party favourite Hot Potato – players must pass the Wii Remote to each other as carefully as possible, as shaking it too much will cause the virtual bomb to explode – and the player holding it loses.

As well as House Party mode, there is a range of pair games which include Friend Connection. In this mini-game players are judged as to how close they are with each other, by asking them questions about their friend’s tastes and opinions – a game sure to cause laughter in the living room.

Then there are the five full-blown party games – Spin Off, Swap Meet, Bingo, Globe Trot and Board Game Island. In the latter, players roll the dice and move forward by performing well in a mini-game at the start of each turn.

Nintendo has thought of everything in Wii Party. For users with limited time, Party Phil is available to provide them with quick suggestions based on the amount of time they have and what kind of mini-games they’d like to play.

With so much multiplayer entertainment packed into one disc, and players of all ages catered for, Wii Party is on course to become this year’s biggest party title. Expect this to be an evergreen best-seller.


Wii Party is set to hit shelves on October 8th, and Nintendo is planning a celebrity marketing campaign to support it.

Commencing the week of launch, the TV campaign will bring to life the instant entertainment that is Wii Party. Running for three weeks from launch, and a further week at the end of November, the TV creative will demonstrate how easy Wii Party is to pick up, play and have fun with family and friends, and will be delivered with impact by some popular celebrities. The ads will skim the surface of some of the 80 mini games that feature the Mii characters as well as game modes such as ‘House Party’ that will take the excitement from the TV screen and place it in the living room.

To celebrate the release, Nintendo will be hosting a launch party at Chessington World Of Adventures. Here it will stage an epic takeover of the park where gamers and their families invited free of charge to enjoy the exclusive renamed rides using their handy map, which comes in the form of a Wii Party Board.

There will also be an opportunity to play some of Nintendo’s other releases for Christmas, and a special appearance from the celebrity face for Wii Party.
There will be a nationwide sampling tour which will also feature Nintendo’s other key titles for Christmas, such as Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid: Other M and Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

To support the release there will be a micro site for Wii Party as well as a CRM campaign. There will also be display advertising featuring celebrities on key sites.
Meanwhile, there will be a comprehensive outdoor campaign featuring the celebrities, and a full range of POS will also be available instore to support this huge release.


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