Wii Play: Motion

Dominic Sacco

Wii Play: Motion

Wii Play is one of the biggest-selling games of all time. It has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide to date, with 2m in the UK alone.

The game was a smash hit launch title for the Nintendo Wii in 2006, and now Nintendo is releasing a sequel – Wii Play Motion. The move comes at the perfect time as it follows the recent Wii price cut and Mario Kart hardware bundle.

Wii Play Motion almost perfectly encapsulates what the console is all about – real pick-up-and-play fun that encourages more than one person to take part. The original was famous for being a collection of nine mini-games that came bundled with a Wii Remote.

Wii Play Motion features 12 fresh mini-games such as roller skate racing, ghost hunting and a whack-a-mole-style mallet game. A red Wii Remote Plus is included in the box, which is more accurate than the standard controller bundled with its predecessor.

“Wii Play Motion has the Wii ‘magic formula’ in that it is a first party title and offers instant fun for four players,” Nintendo marketing assistant Vanisha Kavia tells MCV. “For these reasons, we expect it will be just as successful as the original Wii Play over a long period of time.”

Wii Play together

Players use their Mii characters to represent themselves in each challenge, with up to four players able to take part. Nintendo believes the multiplayer focus can boost hardware sales, giving retailers an opportunity to sell extra Wii Remotes.

“We hope to see an increase in sales of the Wii Remote Plus controller as undoubtedly friends and family will want to join in on the fun of Wii Play Motion,” adds Kavia.

With 12 mini-games, bundled Wii Remote Plus and affordable price, Wii Play Motion looks set to become another one of Nintendo’s evergreen sellers.

TV ads in Motion

Nintendo is kicking off a four-week Wii Play Motion TV campaign targeting families and children. This creative also runs alongside marketing of the new Mario Kart Wii console bundle and price cut.

MCM Expo

Wii Play Motion was showcased at the London MCM Expo in late May as part of the Nintendo Unleashed tour. Thousands of gamers had the chance to go hands-on with the Wii game ahead of release.


This add-on accessory for the standard Wii Remote launched in June 2009. It plugs into the bottom of the controller and allows for greater accuracy when pointing the motion sensing device at the TV screen. A Wii Remote Plus later hit shelves, which features MotionPlus technology built-in.

Players can use the bundled Wii Remote Plus with other MotionPlus-compatible games including:

- Red Steel 2
- FlingSmash
- Wii Sports Resort
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
- The Legend of Zelda:
- SkyWard Sword (due this year)


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