WildStar - Retail Essentials

Release date June 3rd 2014 Price n/a
Format PC
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WildStar - Retail Essentials

MCV takes a look at the eagerly anticipated sci-fi MMO from Carbine Studios. 

WildStar is going to be released on June 3rd. 

WildStar is a brand new MMO IP being developed by Carbine Studios, who has over 20 former Blizzard employees on its staff roster. As such, it’s fair to expect a high level of quality. It has been in development for nearly a decade now, and is eagerly anticipated by fans of the genre. 

The title is set on the world of Nexus, said to contain hidden treasure for players to discover. Fans either side with the ragtag band of rebels known as The Exiles or the imperial Dominion. 

These factions have access to four races each, and both can access all six classes. Each of these classes is able to specialise in two of three possible roles – including the heavy damage absorbing tank or the useful healer.

Gamers can level up their character in one of four Paths – explorer, scientist, soldier and settler – which give them access to unique abilities. 

The title features the typical MMO trappings such as raids and dungeons as well as a number of new additions. These include Warplots – huge battlegrounds where players can fight in teams of 40. These forts can be equipped with huge amounts of weaponry and even defeated boss characters.  

These should not be confused with Plots, areas of lands that can be bought early in the game and developed as fans see fit. Players can customise their Plots, and resting there gains them XP.  

Buying the game through retail or via digital download allows players 30 days of free game time and three guest passes. After this time fans can either pay for a subscription, or use in-game gold to buy an item called C.R.E.D.D. This can be traded for game time.

NCSoft has primarily been using video to market its new MMO title because it believes film will best show off the game’s art style. 

It will be using trailers across both social media and ‘alternative broadcast media’.

This is alongside the firm’s plans to engage with WildStar fan communities on YouTube and Twitch to push the title as NCSoft believes that gamers are more influenced by their peers than ‘professional sources’.

Further to this the publisher will be pushing the title online and in print throughout the pre-order and launch periods. 

It’s a key release for the summer period. Guild Wars 2 showed there is great passion for high quality MMOs from UK consumers, both online and in stores and we expect WildStar to continue that trend. 

Pre-orders so far indicate we’re on track for a great launch. Based on the feedback from beta and pre-orders so far, we’re expecting it to sell very well. 

The PC retail market has become very polarised, with only a handful of products seeing strong sales. We’re expecting WildStar to be one of the pillar PC releases of 2014.    

It has many great features from the fast-paced combat telegraph system to an epic world story on a mysterious alien planet. Our Path system ensures you get to play more of the content you love by letting you pick your play-style from either warrior, scientist, explorer or settler. Each offers a unique experience, but all are exponentially more fun when combined with other players, whether they’re playing the same or different path to you.

We also have one of the most robust customisation systems around, allowing you to tweak everything from your hamster ball mount and flashy armour right through to your own personal house with its very own robot goldfish and rainbow backdrops. 

To top it all off, Warplots offers you a chance to run riot as a 40-man war party with a fully customisable death fortress.


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