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Before Call Of Duty, before Halo, before Duke Nukem, there was Wolfenstein 3D.

The game kicked off a phenomenon with its corridors and chambers filled with Nazi soldiers, guard dogs, mutant experiments and MechaHitler. Now the legendary series returns to shelves with a new Wolfenstein for a new generation.

Activision Blizzard’s Wolfenstein is the first to harness the power of current generation technology, and the publisher is certain this will help it take the series to new heights.

Not only are fans already tingling with anticipation at another epic shooter flavoured with Nazis and the occult, the game’s timing means it should be a smash hit.

“This will be the first Wolfenstein launch since 2001’s Return To Castle Wolfenstein and the incredibly popular freeware release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2003,” says Activision Blizzard brand manager for UK and Ireland Simon Wells.

“The game’s launch in August is one of the most anticipated first-person shooter titles launching in 2009 and is releasing in a relatively clear launch window, so expectations are high.

“Our leading indicators for the performance of the title are ahead of target so we expect Wolfenstein to command a very solid launch.”

Wolfenstein holds true to everything the series is known and loved for. Players once again take on the role of one-man army B.J. Blazkowicz as he continues to battle the forces of the Fatherland. This time, the fiends are attempting to unlock the power of an occult artefact known as the Black Sun and it’s up to our hero to stop them.

Crucially, this is the first entry in the series where players can use the supernatural to their advantage. While they’ll still have to battle against abominable mutants and undead creatures, they can use Black Sun’s energy to slip into an alternate dimension, known as the Veil.

“Wolfenstein always delivers on over-the-top sci-fi action,” says Wells. “Fast-paced, intense and incredibly high-energy, the game will see an escalation of enemies from the regular Axis soldiers to experimental occult troops and, of course, the big bad bosses. Wolfenstein has consistently been one of the pioneering games in the first-person shooter genre and the quality in this title will be no exception in this long-running franchise.

“Strong brand heritage often proves to be a very compelling factor for gamers, especially in the current economic climate. Our retailers understand that Wolfenstein is a highly recognised and respected brand that is hotly anticipated this year. They can expect their shoppers and consumers to be provided with a really immersive gaming experience that brings in to play a modern version of the unique storyline and feature set that Wolfenstein is famous for.”

While the name on shelves will be enough to garner the attention of the gaming masses, Activision Blizzard is pulling out all the stop to ensure that awareness of Wolfenstein is at an all-time high during this quiet season.

“PR has been running for some time on this title and we’ve already seen three front covers within the specialist press,” Wells explains. “A strong appetite around the heritage of the game and a fondness for the franchise amongst gamers means that the buzz is really strong at the moment.

“Our print campaign is targeting all key specialist press for two months over launch with high-visibility inside front cover placements driving pre-order, and the creative looks amazing. We have a very strong and disruptive online campaign around our launch window, both driving pre-orders and also the launch of the game. This is one of the strongest online campaigns ever run for an id Software title here in the UK and covers all the key gaming sites with massive takeovers.”


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