Yakuza 3

James Batchelor

Yakuza 3

Despite being developed for Eastern audiences, the Yakuza franchise has a strong following in the West – to the extent where gamers have petitioned for a UK release of Yakuza 3 for some time. Sega has answered their calls.

“It’s thanks to the fans’ passion and dedication that we’re bringing Yakuza 3 to the UK, so we certainly feel they’ll be happy to get their hands on it,” says PR and marketing exec Kate Billingham.

Once again, the series pits players against the Japanese underworld. Gamers explore Tokyo’s authentically recreated streets – as well as new areas such as Okinawa – as they take on missions against hordes of Eastern gangsters.

For Yakuza 3, Sega is also trying to capture a wider audience and has catered for newcomers with a ‘Who’s Who?’ guide included with every copy of the game, detailing the characters and the story so far.

Sega will be promoting Yakuza 3 with a combination of print and online advertising, targeting specialist gaming publications, as well as a four-week pre-roll campaign on YouTube.

To further tap into its target audience, the game is being advertised on all Blu-ray releases from Manga Entertainment throughout February and March.


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