Yogi Bear

Dominic Sacco

Yogi Bear

He’s been swiping pic-a-nic baskets since 1958, and now Yogi Bear is coming out of hibernation for his very first live-action silver screen outing.

Plus fans can don the green hat and tie themselves with Namco Bandai’s Yogi Bear: The Video Game, released to coincide with the new movie.

Mirroring the film’s storyline, fans play as the titular bear and battle to prevent Jellystone Park from being closed down.

When proof that the Park is home to endangered animals is lost, Yogi and Boo Boo must explore the area to find and photograph these creatures.

To locate each one, gamers must master a wide variety of tricky platforming areas, overcoming the many hazards of the forest.

Along the way, they’ll have to sneak past campers, ramblers and Yogi’s arch-nemesis Ranger Smith in order to collect pick-ups and, of course, steal delicious picnic baskets.

As with the movie, Yogi Bear is voiced by Dan Akroyd, bringing some star quality to the game.


The film is one of the first big family blockbusters of the year, and Namco is determined to make sure the game is just as big a hit.

The publisher is working closely with Warner Bros to cross-promote the game and movie together.

The game is being offered as a competition prize as part of the filmmakers’ Pizza Hut campaign, and will feature as part of the Yogi Bear costume tour.

Namco’s own marketing efforts will be targeted at kids’ and specialist press, with ads due to run on key children’s channels.


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