Yoostar 2

Dominic Sacco

Yoostar 2

To many, being The Terminator, Neo or Superman himself is just a dream. But Yoostar 2 aims to change all that.

The Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect game allows players to act out scenes from famous films and TV shows while seeing their performance on screen.

It works by using masking technology to put users in place of an actor with surprising accuracy. Players can even ad-lib scenes, record their own piece-to-cameras on the bridge of Star Trek’s Enterprise or get two people involved at once to act together.

“You’ve danced, you’ve been in a band and now you can act in a film,” Yoostar CEO Greg Fischbach tells MCV. “Yoostar 2 is the next step.

“We’re creating a different genre and we’re doing something completely new. The game is great in a party environment with a beer and some friends. It’s something you can pick up in an afternoon and instantly feel good about.”

The firm told MCV that Yoostar 2 has the potential to become the next Guitar Hero, and boasts partnerships with social networks to ensure it’s a success with the casual gamer (see ‘big partnerships’).

The first Yoostar was PC-only but the publisher is bringing it to Move and Kinect to attract both casual and hardcore console gamers.

From screen to console

Yoostar 2 boasts 80 film clips out of the box, with 100 DLC scenes available to download on release day. There are scenes from Top Gun, Rocky and Grease, as well as the classic ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ moment from Forrest Gump (see ‘Movie magic’ for more).

Thanks to partnerships with Lionsgate, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount and more, Yoostar hopes to see between ten and 20 new film clips available for users to download each week.

A quick play mode allows players to jump straight into a scene, while Yoostar 2’s challenge mode lets the player go from struggling actor from A-list celebrity.

Players are rated for their acting skills – with better performances rewarded in the form of fame points. These allow users to access new clips.

Fischbach adds: “Yoostar 2 is a real family game that provides quality entertainment.

“Our library of films, TV series and images lets people not only enjoy and play with, but act in, too. And that’s what makes Yoostar 2 so different from anything else.”

Star appeal

Yoostar has signed several big-name actors for the game including Ben Stiller, Whoopi Goldberg and more. Players can take on the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator and Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump to name a few.

Big partnerships

A deal with Facebook means users can upload their videos to the social network and share them with friends. These are all moderated before going live. A Facebook game allows users to earn in-game currency for the console version. A partnership with YouTube is also in the works.

Movie magic

Players can act out scenes from a variety of films in Yoostar 2 including:

- 300
- The Matrix
- Apollo 13
- Superman Returns
- I Am Legend
- King Kong
- The Mummy
- Star Trek II
- Top Gun
- The Godfather
- Rocky
- Meet the Parents
- Grease
- Gladiator
- Casablanca
- Kick Ass


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