Yoshi's New Island - Retail Essentials

Release date March 14th 2014 Price n/a
Format 3DS
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a

Yoshi's New Island - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at the latest addition to the Yoshi's Island series. 

Yoshi's New Island comes to stores on March 14th. 

Yoshi’s New Island is one of the biggest Nintendo releases coming to the 3DS at the start of 2014.

The plot sees Baby Luigi being stolen by the evil Magikoopa. Yoshi, accompanied by Baby Mario, must rescue Luigi, and defeat Baby Bowser, who has taken over the game’s setting of Egg Island.

The platformer features motion controls using the 3DS’s accelerometer and gyroscope in order to control the game’s vehicles, as well as the transformations such as the Hot-Air Balloon and Mine Cart.

Nintendo’s new title also comes with a cartoon art style akin to previous entries featuring Yoshi, such as Yoshi’s Island DS.

As with these previous entries, Yoshi can swallow enemies and produce massive eggs – the bigger the enemy, the bigger the egg. Giant Eggs wreck everything in the dinosaur’s path. Damage caused here will yield extra health for Yoshi.

New items include the Yoshi Star, which allows the player to dash at quick speeds, and the Red Yoshi Star, which can destroy everything before Yoshi.

Nintendo is pushing its latest Yoshi’s Island title to kids, with a ‘strong’ TV campaign that will run over two weeks with over 200 TVRs, which aim to highlight the game’s features.

Online, the platform holder is placing pre-roll trailers before related videos and will have digital advertising on key sites. In print, Nintendo is focusing on the mainstream press, including kids publications, national newspapers and bloggers.

The publisher is also promoting the Yoshi Egg game case, available exclusively at GAME, as a pre-order incentive.

Yoshi’s New Island is an important element to support the Mario brand this year. The diverse nature of the gameplay and graphics for the title means that it’s a great entry point for younger kids and so will help to expand the audience for the Nintendo 3DS family as well as the Mario brand.

For core fans, the art style coupled with the new features is sure to spark some nostalgia. There is also a special edition Yoshi Nintendo 3DS XL launching on the same day, which will surely be popular for fans of the beloved Nintendo character.


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