Crimson Dragon

THIS new IP, one of the first download-only games for Xbox One, is the spiritual successor to the acclaimed Panzer Dragoon series, which originally debuted on the Sega Saturn.

Set in the future, the story throws players into an epic battle between mankind and vicious fire-breathing dragons.

Mankind has moved to live on a new planet, but the indigenous life isn’t welcoming them.

Gameplay is on-rails, adventure shooter – with the left stick players control their dragon’s position on screen, while the right controls both the camera and the aiming reticule.

Crimson Dragon features six types of dragons, co-operative online play with three players and over 100 skills to earn and level up.

Player’s dragons can be upgraded and improved by giving them food found during the missions. They have two levels of skills available to them – the first is equipped by default, while secondary skills can
be collected throughout the course of the game.

The action takes fans from the cold surface of the planet to fiery underground caverns and ruined industrial cities on the surface.

Crimson Dragon is developed by Grounding and Land Ho!, two respected Japenese studios.

Grounding was formed by some of the talent behind Sega classics like Rez, Space Channel 5 and Panzer Dragoon. Land Ho! has extensive experience in a variety of core genres like RPGs, shooters and more.

Released: November 22nd

Format: Xbox One

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Crytek

Distributor: Gem

Contact: 01279 822800


PLAYERS can register their dragons online and summon their friends’ creatures into battle to help with trickier encounters. There is no limit to the dragons they can control, so if their friend has a highpowered
dragon, you can summon that. Any rewards or booty will be shared out between dragons.

EACH dragon has three stages of evolution making them more powerful as the game goes on. Evolution can be sped up by picking up items usually carried by more powerful enemy dragons during the game – or
players can earn them by beating bosses within a certain time limit.

THE GAME is controlled with the Xbox controller but there is Kinect functionality too, including voice commands to direct friend’s dragons when you summon them into battle.