Dead Rising 3

This third entry in the open-world zombie franchise comes to the next-gen, launching exclusively on the Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3 takes the series in a  new direction that introduces a cinematic storyline. Veteran fans will appreciate the game’s darker humour and personable characters as they enter the fray in the zombie infested city of Los Perdidos.

Players can look forward to getting through everything that the city has to offer, as it is bigger than the worlds of the first two Dead Rising games combined.

Powered by the Xbox One’s advanced hardware, players can explore this extensive game world with minimal load times and keep themselves immersed in the game’s action as they take down the roaming hordes of zombies.


The zombies themselves have undergone a massive overhaul in Dead Rising 3, which will see players overwhelmed by creatures more intelligent than ever before.

New AI and shared awareness will challenge players to use their cunning, creativity and combat skills to survive the deadly zombie threat.

Just like previous entries in the series, anything and everything in Dead Rising 3 can be used as a weapon. An expanded combo encourages gamers to put their creativity to the test as they forge new weapons from everyday items.

Items such as the sledgehammer and chainsaw will never be the same again, as players are advised to combine the items to forge a weapon of ultimate zombie destruction. The Sledge Saw is just one of hundreds of potential weapon combinations and serves as both an effective and fun way to rack up those zombie KOs.


A new focus has been placed on vehicles found within the game, which are now critical to survival. Players are able to enter abandoned vehicles they find on their journey and travel around the city much more easily. But zombies will now cling on to these vehicles and attack players as they cruise around.

Similarly to their weapons, players can now combine and upgrade their vehicles, too. One such combination is the motorcycle, which can be used with the steam roller to create an ultimate force of killing power.

Capcom has made this year’s Dead Rising entry as accessible to new players of the series as possible. The new streamlined save system in Dead Rising 3, along with other improvements has made the game the most accessible and intuitive in the series to date.


Nightmare mode mimics gameplay of previous titles where hardcore players will face off against tougher zombies, whilst racing against the countdown clock. SmartGlass and Kinect support has also been added to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s capabilities.

SmartGlass expands the Dead Rising experience to two screens and reimagines the co-op experience. A player’s tablet or smartphone becomes an in-game Zombie Defense and Control PDA, which friends can use to call in airstrikes to help struggling players or check in-game calls and texts.

Multiplayer will also be available in Dead Rising 3, letting players join a friend for endless zombie-killing mayhem. Asynchronous matchmaking will let players jump in and out of a game seamlessly using Xbox Live.


Released: November 22nd

Format: Xbox One

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Capcom

Distributor: Gem

Contact: 01279 822800


SMARTGLASS lets players enhance their Dead Rising 3 experience using their tablet or smartphone. Using these mobile devices, players can check in on their in-game messages whilst also inviting a friend over to lend a hand by calling in an airstrike to help out players when they’re in trouble.

KINECT makes the Dead Rising 3 experience more realistic than ever before. Players will need to pay close attention to their sound levels as zombies will now be able to hear through the screen. Gamers can call out to fellow survivors to coordinate their survival plan, whilst shouting out will allow players to taunt zombies.

A NEW COMBINATION SYSTEM allows players to put their creative flair to use as they make their way through Los Perdidos. As users find weapons, they’re able to combine these for an entirely new arsenal of new customisations. Players can also apply this system to the game’s vehicles and create a convoy of killing machines.