Exclusives on Xbox One

The latest instalment in our new series of Xbox One profiles looks at six key first-party launch exclusives

Forza Motorsport 5

Developed by Turn 10 Studios

The latest instalment in the highest rated racing series of the last ten years has been built around Xbox One including cloud-supported features and a brand new graphics engine.

Forza 5 is designed as a cinematic automotive journey starring the world’s greatest cars and racecourses with unprecedented visual realism.

Elsewhere, the Drivatar feature creates a personal profile for each player and is stored in the cloud. Drivatar tracks how you drive, what cars you prefer and how you customise vehicles.

Forza 5 also takes advantage of Xbox Live’s new features, including Smart Match, for fair and balanced multiplayer.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Developed by Crytek

This cinematic recreation of the Roman Empire plunges players into an action-adventure following soldier Marius Titus, fighting to avenge the death of his family.

An epic, cinematic storyline sweeps players through an immersive world with brutal combat.

Ryse is also supported with second screen play via SmartGlass. During the action, players can use their tablet or smartphone to manage their inventory and character upgrades.

Also, Kinect and voice control lets players use vocal commands to issue strategic tasks for their troops, including formations to surround enemies, fire arrows or block incoming attacks.

Dead Rising 3

Developed by Capcom Vancouver

The third game in Capcom’s zombie-bashing series is exclusive to Xbox One.

The original Dead Rising was a launch-era title for the 360, pitting players against hordes of zombies. On Xbox One the franchise promises a dynamic world bigger than the first two games combined with a darkly amusing look at the lengths you’ll go to fight off zombies.

In terms of console-specific features, Kinect responds to noises inside players’ living rooms – so if you don’t stay quiet zombies will attack. Meanwhile SmartGlass transforms a tablet or phone into a Zombie Defense and Control PDA so you can call airstrikes to fend off the undead.

Project Spark

Developed by Microsoft Studios

Project Spark is an ambitious Xbox One title that lets users build, play and share whatever they want. This user-generated content experience offers a powerful toolset so players can create their own games and other software. Early demos have shown the game can build a diverse range of experiences, from action RPGs to old school 2D shooters.

The game is built around all the controller interfaces available on Xbox One. So as well as standard gamepad controls, voice commands can easily help players create anything they want via Kinect. SmartGlass, meanwhile, lets players use touch interfaces to draw and sculpt their worlds.

Killer Instinct

Developed by Double Helix and Rare

The popular fighting game returns after a hiatus of 17 years, with an Xbox One exclusive built title from the ground up for next- generation gaming.

A range of classic Killer Instinct characters from the original games return. Players will be able to compete as Chief Thunder, Cinder, Fulgore, Glacius, Jago, Spinal and Sabrewulf.

Beat ‘em ups by the very nature demand highly responsive input and controls. So both Killer Instinct as software and the Xbox One hardware promise to deliver in this aspect – specifically with the improved D-pad on the gamepad, ideal for fighting games.

Zoo Tycoon

Developed by Frontier Developments

This celebrated simulation franchise returns, this time offering a family-friendly Tycoon style experience designed for consoles from the off.

That means that Zoo Tycoon is optimised to be used with a controller, and is enhanced with Kinect on Xbox One – animals will respond to players’ voice calls and instructions, helping players form emotional bonds with the menagerie of creatures that are looking after.

Players can build and populate their own beautiful zoos and, thanks to cloud power and Xbox Live, then share them with other players and explore their friends’ habitats.

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