EA's premier football franchise makes its highly-anticipated nextgen debut, joining the Xbox One’s launch line-up.

FIFA 14 puts the advanced technology of the Xbox One to use with a long list of new features and enhancements. The most noteworthy change to this latest outing is the inclusion of EA’s nextgen game engine, Ignite.

Using the engine, FIFA 14 introduces graphical and gameplay changes such as human intelligence, which sees players act more like their real life counterparts when on the field. The new system offers four times greater decision-making capabilities over previous FIFA games, while players will now anticipate, avoid or brace for physical challenges and collisions.

Furthermore, the new True Player Motion enhances the movement of players with everything from foot planting to pivoting and sidestepping. Players’ movements are now affected by real-time momentum as they shift with the agility of real-world athletes.


Stadiums and their atmosphere have also undergone a significant overhaul in FIFA 14 to deliver the most impressive visuals to date.

The new Living Worlds feature sees venues filled with realistic, bustling fans who recreate the accuracy of a real-life match day. Consumers will now play matches in front of thousands of these improved fans, who respond intelligently and accurately to every action that takes place on the field.

The beefed up processing power of the Xbox One allows for ten times as much animation in FIFA 14 compared to current-gen editions.

The result is a greater footballing experience, which lets player accurately play out set pieces and movements from the beautiful game.

All of these introductions have made FIFA 14 the best in the series to date, says producer Nick Channon.

“What we wanted to do was create a game that was fully featured, one that saw a significant innovation in gameplay and presentation. The feeling you get when you play is not one you’ve had before in FIFA,” said Channon.

“We’ve innovated significantly, going to the HD version of the game. It’s the best FIFA to date. We can’t wait for it to come out. The mantra is always the same, it’s about making the best game we can for whatever platform we’re building it for. ‘How could we take the power of the new machine to innovate?’”

EA has crammed as much content in FIFA 14 as possible with 33 official football leagues, 600 clubs and 16,000 players – more content than any of its predecessors. New additions in this year’s outing include Chilean and Argentinian leagues, along with the reappearance of the Brazilian national team.

Returning in FIFA 14 are fanfavourite Career and Ultimate Team modes. Career mode lets players once again take their favourite team to glory, but has been reinvented with the all-new Global Transfer Network. In the mode, teams now have greater control over their scouts, whilst building and refining their staff.

Online is another area that has been reworked in FIFA 14, with the addition of Co-op Seasons. Gamers can now play with a friend online against two other players anywhere in the world in 2 vs 2 matches.

Ultimate Team returns in FIFA 14 and lets gamers build teams with players from around the world.

Consumers can enter tournaments to win cups or play in ten divisions, working their way to the top.

Exclusive to FIFA 14 on the Xbox One and 360 is the new Football Legends content, which lets gamers acquire iconic players from different eras of football to play for their team, including Pele, Dennis Bergkamp, Michael Owen and Romario.

Released: November 22nd
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Canada
Distributor: CentreSoft
Contact: 0121 625 3388


FOOTBALL LEGENDS is exclusive to the Xbox One and 360, which lets players recruit some of football’s most legendary players for their Ultimate Team. 42 of the sport’s icons including Patrick Viera, Luis Figo and David Seaman can all be recruited to play alongside current day players in FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team mode.

CO-OP SEASONS is another new addition to FIFA 14, which lets players take their footballing skills online with a friend. Duos will face-off in 2 vs 2 matches against players around the world.

IGNITE ENGINE is FIFA 14’s next-gen game engine and utilises the enhanced technology of the Xbox One.Ingite introduces a variety of new features and improvements within FIFA 14 including Human Intelligence, True Player motion and Living Worlds, which all combine to enhance the realism of game.