Killer Instinct

THE iconic fighting series returns after a 17-year break – this is only the third entry in the series, following Killer Instinct 2 in 1996.

Returning from the older games is the combo-heavy gameplay, including the Auto-Double feature, which automatically creates combos from individual hits.

The matchfinishing Ultra Combos are also returning, as well as Combo Breakers, which as the name suggest, halt enemy combos if timed right.

The characters available at launch vary from the kung-fu fighting monk, Jago, to the feral beast that is Sabrewulf.

Players will be able to unlock classic Killer Instinct costumes and music tracks to use in the place of the updated versions.

Players will be able to get hold of Killer Instinct in a variety of ways at launch. The game will be free to download with one free playable character available.

Additional characters will be available starting at £3.99 each. Players can also purchase special discounted character packages:

  • Combo Breaker Pack, £16.99. This Includes the first eight characters (six at launch, two ahead of their post-launch release) and saves 50 per cent on the cost of buying the characters separately.
  • Ultra Edition, £34.99. It includes the first eight characters (six at launch, two ahead of their postlaunch release), character accessory packs and costumes, plus the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

Released: November 22nd

Format: Xbox One

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Rare and Double Helix

Distributor: Gem

Contact: 01279 822800


NEW to the latest Killer Instinct are Counter Breakers, allowing players to block counter moves. The game
features a super meter that allows Shadow moves to be performed – these deal more damage than standard moves.

ANOTHER addition is Instinct Mode, which gives each character a unique ability for a short period of time – for example; characters can become faster or more resilient to damage.

AT launch, Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Chief Thunder, Black Orchid and Sadira will be available to play. Additional characters will be made available in season packs in the future – Microsoft is hoping to have a second season for sale by the end of 2014.