Titanfall is the latest blockbuster shooter from EA and another new exclusive IP to the Xbox One, 360 and PC. Players face-off against one another in online multiplayer-only combat. But Titanfall adds a twist to the typical FPS and offers a unique kind of gameplay.

Developer Respawn Entertainment is fusing the single player and multiplayer experiences together to form a new kind of gameplay. In Titanfall, cinematic events unfold in the multiplayer much like they would in the single player campaign. Perhaps the biggest feature of Titanfall is in the name itself.

As gamers battle, they’re able to jump into the driver’s seat of their own Titan and engage in mech-based dogfights. But far from the run-andgun style of the traditional infantry, Titans boast immense firepower and gift gamers the power to annihilate anything in their path.

Titanfall stole the show at this year’s E3 taking home six official Game Critics Awards and breaking the record for any game at the event.

Titanfall bested all of its competitors across every category it was nominated in, including Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer.

As players enter each match, the countdown to their own Titan is on. Unlike rival shooters where benefits are saved for the best-performing players – every player has their time to shine in a Titan.


“I had a chance to get in front of Titanfall and there is a really incredible thing that Respawn has done.

The verticality and change in level design from six-foot tall to 40-foot tall is inspired, it is a really magical video game moment. It’s something new, impactful and I’ve never seen before,” said Microsoft VP Phil Harrison.

“I am very confident that this is going to be a big, big system seller. Every generation sees a new IP explode in a powerful way, and I would say Titanfall has a big chance.”

Players must coordinate their strategy as they switch between on-foot and Titan-based combat. Gamers can create different profiles with their personal weapon choices.

They’re also able to customise their Titan and choose from a variety of the machines. With each of these offering their own individual abilities and benefits, players can choose the Titan best suited to their preferred play style.

On foot, players must stay aggressive but remain on their guard against the threat of rival players behind each corner – and of course, the Titans and their immense firepower roaming the map.

Players can manoeuvre around as freely as they want using a mix of parkour-style acrobatics, wall running and death-defying jumps. But while mercenaries on foot remain quick and agile, Titan’s aremuch slower and instantly become the focus of enemies’ attacks once they’re deployed.

Despite their seemingly invincible appearance, Titans aren’t immune to the players, either. Gamers can use their agility to mount rival Titans already deployed on the map and forcibly eject its driver to take control of the machine.

On Xbox One, Titanfall is builtaround the console’s new cloud capabilities. With its online multiplayer-only combat, the game uses the cloud for features including multiplayer servers, physics and AI.

Released: March 14th
Format: Xbox One, 360, PC
Publisher: EA
Developer: Respawn
Distributor: CentreSoft
Contact: 0121 625 3388



CLOUD is at the centre of the gameplay in Titanfall. Harnessing the power of the Xbox One, the cloud powers much of the features used within the game, including artificial intelligence, game physics and multiplayer services. This leaves the Xbox One to focus on powering Titanfall’s next-gen graphics.


TITANS are the most prominent feature of Titanfall and distinguish the shooter from rival FPS games on the market. Players battle it out on foot until their Titan is ready, at which point they’re able to jump into the mechanised war machine and take out enemies with their impressive firepower.


SINGLE PLAYER has been redefined in Titanfall as players are able to complete missions and objectives seamlessly in its online, multiplayer-only gameplay. Cinematic sequences appear throughout the online experience and are used to introduce key in-game events.