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Cash prize competition marks Samsungâ??s aim to steal Appleâ??s thunder

$100k for the best Samsung app

Samsung has armed a $330,000 prize pool for developers who provide games for the mobile operator’s Application Store.

The move is seen as a direct move to compete closer with Apple, which currently dominates the market in terms of mobile games.

Until December 10, developers submitting games onto the Samsung Application Store will be entered into the competition.

According to the firm, submitted games will be judged by Creativity, convenience and profitability, as well as how extensively they’re localised, and how thorough they’ve been tested.

First place will receive $100,000, with the rest of the prize pool shared out between 35 other winning developers.

Samsung points out that all other titles released on its App Store get a 70 per cent share of revenues.

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