1.7 million PS4 gameplay videos aired through Twitch and Ustream to date

20% of Twitch game broadcasts coming from PS4

20 per cent of all Twitch game broadcasts came from the PS4 during the Christmas period.

Sony’s new console provided one of the streaming firm’s biggest spikes following its launch, representing a fifth of all broadcasts between December 23rd and January 3rd.

Sony has championed the use of PS4 game sharing, implementing a special share button on the controller to make it easy for users to stream content to Twitch and Ustream, as well as upload screenshots.

“Ever since we began working with the major console platform companies, we were confident the integration of live broadcasting to Twitch would be a game changer,” said Twitch VP of marketing Matthew DiPietro.

“Based on our success with PlayStation 4, which currently represents 20 per cent of our broadcaster base, our vision was on the mark. We envision a day when broadcasting your gameplay is a ubiquitous piece of the gaming experience. We’re well on our way.”

To date, more than 1.7 million gameplay streams have been broadcast by PS4 users via Twitch and Ustream.

The game streams have also attracted nearly 22 million spectate sessions, with broadcasts totally more than 55 million minutes.

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