3D PS3 games unveiled

Sony has allowed consumers to get to grips with 3D PS3 games for the first time at a Berlin trade show.

Titles such as Wipeout HD were available to play in full 3D at IFA. The games on show were standard PS3 titles processed through a new 3D Bravia TV.

Sony confirmed that the new TV would be available in Europe next year, and that future PS3 models would even have the 3D processing capability built into them.

The news follows Sony boss Howard Stringer’s hope that 3D TV would be in the majority of consumers’ homes by the end of 2010.

According to CNet: ‘Over the following two or three years, we were told, [Sony] wants to build the picture-processing technology into the PlayStation itself. That way, gamers will be able to enjoy 3D gaming on any hi-def telly.’


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