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3D upgrade coming to PS3

A Sony presentation detailing the firm’s consumer strategy moving forwards has offered a few insights into the direction of both Sony’s gaming and online distribution plans – and it seems that both 3D and cross platform gaming are at the core of it.

Firstly, Sony has confirmed that it intends to position the PS3 as a 3D games console to be backed in conjunction with its upcoming range of 3D TVs. Furthermore, current PS3s will be firmware upgradable to 3D”.

In addition, Sony plans to play a greater role in the content market, with the Sony Online Service – which is apparently a temporary name – looking to leverage PSN content across a number of devices such as PC, TVs and smartphones.

The presentation also mentions new revenue streams from subscription” in regard to PSN, raising the ominous spectre of an Xbox Live style annual subscription charge to access Sony’s top-end PSN services.

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