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Snooker’s Neil Robertson blames video game addiction for slump in form

Australian snooker player and former world champion Neil Robertson has claimed that he is recovering from video game addiction. Speaking to Eurosport, Robertson said that he’s been forced to go cold turkey after investing too much time in titles such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and FIFA. I …

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‘Kickstarter is like an addiction’

Edge Case Games COO Chris Meher recalls the studio’s experience using the crowdfunding platform to finance Strike Suit Zero, and how being honest with its community was key to refining Fractured Space

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Man suing Bethesda over Fallout 4 ‘addiction’ after he loses wife and job

A Siberian gamer who played Fallout 4 non-stop for three weeks is taking Bethesda to court, alleging that he became ‘addicted’ to the game. The 28-year-old claims no responsibility for the 21-day binge that he claims resulted in the loss of his wife and job. If I knew that this …

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Flappy Bird creator pulled game over addiction concerns

Dong Nguyen has spoken publicly for the first time since the high profile removal of his hit title Flappy Bird from the world’s app stores. And it transpires that the decision was caused simply by the Vietnamese developer’s concerns about the amount of time people were spending playing the simplistic …

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Internet gaming addiction "changes the brain"

Today’s copy of UK newspaper The Independent carries word of new research that suggests an addiction to the internet and online gaming could actually alter the brain. Researchers used MRI scanner to examine the brains of adolescents who spent excessive amount of time online, often playing online games. These images …

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BBC returns to games addiction

Listeners to BBC Radio 5Live this morning have heard the broadcaster’s return to the touchy subject of alleged video games addiction. The surprise report comes as the result of advice from government childhood safety advisor John Carr who has called for schools to educate kids about safe video gaming. Last …

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