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ACCESSORIES UPDATE: Far Cry 4 Figurine and Gioteck RC-3 Gaming Chair

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, we hang out with Far Cry 4’s baddie and sit down for a moment with Gioteck

Fry Cry 4 Pagan Min: King of Kyrat Figurine

This November will see players hunt down the oppressive leader Pagan Min in Ubisoft’s open-world shooter Far Cry 4 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

In the game Min is voiced by Troy Baker, best known for his performances as Joel in The Last of Us and Booker in BioShock Infinite.

For those that take a shine to the sinister ruler, UBI Collectibles has announced the new Pagan Min: King of Kyrat collector’s piece, modelled after the gun-toting antagonist.

This figurine shows the self-proclaimed ruler of the Kyrat people leaning confidently against an old brick wall. On the wall is a spray-painted tiger piece of graffiti, which is a reproduction of a street artist’s work from Far Cry 4’s original scenery.

Min himself is wielding a gun in his hand, and is stood next to an automatic rifle. Both Min’s pistol and the rifle are signature weapons from the game.

The figurine stands around nine inches tall and is constructed from PVC. The entire model is finished with a high level of detail, including discernible textures and materials on Min and his surroundings. Ideal for what is one of this Q4’s most anticipated games.

RRP: 34.99

Release Date: November 18th

Distributor: Exertis

Contact: 01279 822 822

Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair

Gioteck’s latest gaming chair is designed to offer players an all-in-one gaming experience.

The RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair includes built-in speakers, which can be directly connected to TV audio or a mobile device for more immersive sound.

It is also designed to be practical – the chair can be folded for storage when not in use.

Sitters can choose to adjust the chair’s dual incline angles for personal comfort.

The RC-3 comes complete with an easy access volume control panel, allowing players to quickly adjust the audio from their games.

Mesh pockets are included at the back and sides of the chair for extra storage – for instance to hold mobile phones, TV remotes or other devices. A large storage area is additionally integrated into the front of the chair.

The RC-3 can light up thanks to an LED illumination finish underneath the seat, and is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and mobile.

RRP: 79.99

Release Date: Out Now

Distributor: Exertis

Contact: 01279 822 822

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